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Our Story

What do you do when you have a long weekend, a little extra cash and a flight deal? You go to Dubai!  And in December of 2014, that’s exactly what we did! People thought we were crazy to fly 12 hours to stay for 2 days but that’s all the time we had so we went for it. You Only Live Once right? It was an amazing adventure and not only did we do the touristy stuff, we were able to explore and gain understanding of the local culture. This opened up a whole new way of traveling. It was this trip that made us realize how much you can accomplish in 2 full days with research and proper planning.  After that, there was no stopping us! We have been planning exciting, short weekend and holidays trips ever since. We went to Brazil, Guatemala, Belize, and London following this concept- complete takeover in 2 days! 

Shortly after we began our 2 day adventures, we started expanding our crew by welcoming family and friends to join us. Now, The 2Day Travel Crew is taking it to the next level! We are a travel "crew" dedicated to providing affordable international and domestic weekend getaways to both new and experienced travelers. We are doing all the research and planning, so you don't have to! Just book your flight and we'll take care of the rest! 

Tonya, Founder and CEO

 For as long as I can remember, I've been a traveler. Most recently, I have fallen in love with international travel and enjoy immersing myself in other cultures. My friends and family were inspired by my travels, so I decided it was time to take people with me. Now they don't have to just like my pictures, but they too can be in them.

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LaRobin, Co-Founder

I became addicted to passport stamps in 2007 and since then have been to over 30 different countries on a teacher's salary! I made the decision that I was going to make traveling a priority and with just a few simple changes, it became a reality. The only thing I’m addicted to more, is finding great deals on traveling. I'm not stopping anytime soon, so why not show others how easy it is to trot the globe as well. All it takes is the desire to take the leap.

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